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BA Chemistry and Zoology

Fuller Theological Seminary
Masters of Divinity
Masters of Arts, Marriage &
Family Counseling

Summit Adventures

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Dick Savidge is the lead guide and personal growth consultant for Savidge Adventures. Growing up in the Midwest, he received his undergraduate at Miami University and discovered and fell in love with the Rocky Mountains soon after. While participating in mountain adventures, studying at Fuller Theological Seminary and starting a family, Dick realized that he had a much deeper calling. Combining two of his passions, he integrated his theological studies and his love for the Rockies

into specially designed outdoor experiences to help people discover their true selves. Dick is passionate about helping every single person come alive and uses these adventures to develop spiritual formation, improved health and fitness, and new professional and relationship skills that can lead to total life transformations. His focus and devotion on guiding each person on this journey is what makes Savidge Adventures truly unique.

Our Promise

We promise that participants will start to understand themselves in new and exciting ways. We promise that they will be cared for, both internally and externally. We promise that they will come away with a strong sense of calling, a personally crafted mission statement and a clear understanding of what they must do to move their lives into a level of vibrancy and clarity. Finally, we promise that they will not be alone as they make these changes—all of our retreats include ongoing one-on-one coaching for the twelve months following our time together.



3-day adventure
1-2 people

An empowering mission statement
Set and define personal goals
Deep personal reflection
Renewed motivation

The Experience

Handcrafted Adventures are three-day retreats intended to guide participants on their own process
of discovery through immersive experiences that allow them to uncover their true selves. All the activities are dependent upon the season, personal interests, and desired outcome.

Participants will arrive in time to enjoy dinner on the first night, which is followed by our first session together. We will start the second day off with breakfast together, followed by our next session and a full day of physical activity. This physical activity allows our conversation to continue while we engage with the environment. We will arrive back late afternoon with time to reflect on the day's events. We will cook dinner together, which is followed by our third session. The third day follows the same schedule as the second, with a new activity and another chance to engage in a new experience.
The last day ends with breakfast, a recap of all learning points and a summary of future action steps. Participants will be heading back home by 11am.

Executive Team

3-day adventure
Groups up to 15 people
Catered meals
PDP results

Improved communication
Updated responsibilities
New attainable goals
Motivation for life

The Experience

The Executive Team Adventure begins months before everyone arrives in Colorado. We will first examine the organizational chart and take an in-depth look at written job descriptions. These job descriptions are compared with the everyday reality and it is through this lens that the journey begins.

Each member of the executive team will be given a Proscan, by PDP Works, which is the most powerful tool for measuring and defining personal strengths. The results are reviewed with each
team member and this helps to establish the trust that sets the stage for our time together.

Once the team arrives for their three-day adventure, they will be greeted with exquisite lodging, catered food and a relaxing environment that is perfect for open and honest conversation as we
begin to look at the team and its dynamics.

In our time together, we will look at the different temperaments of team members, communication patterns, ways to improve communication, and how to avoid the inherent "silo" effect. We will also examine the mission of the organization and of the team, and apply key learning from Lencioni's Seven Essential Elements of a Healthy Team to improve the overall life of the team.

In addition, we will have two full afternoons of activities to enjoy and embrace the Rocky Mountains, giving everyone an opportunity to engage one another in new and refreshing ways.

Marriage Enrichment

3-day adventure
Catered meals
Specialized activities

Improved communication
Short- and long-term relationship goals
Techniques to apply in everyday life
Yearlong follow-up sessions

The Experience

The Marriage Enrichment Adventure is designed for couples who have a relatively good marriage, but feel like something is missing and need help in discovering that “something.” The experience begins prior to the adventure with and in-depth relational and life history as well as a personality and communication profile. Using this information combined with the couples long- and short-term goals, we will have a clear vision and plan for the three-day retreat.

Upon the couple's arrival, we will begin by examining communication, conflict resolution, the hidden agenda, and the art of knowing and being known, as well as the concept of Covenant vs. Contract as it impacts a relationship. We will also spend time engaging in preselected adventures that were specifically designed to help the couple remember what it was that helped them fall in love and how they can continue to grow together.

This unique offering will be followed up with twelve monthly counseling and mentoring calls in which we will fine-tune intimacy goals and relational skill development. The ultimate goal is that the marriage will be a healthy, exciting and growth-enhancing union for both of the partners and that this health will spill over to the rest of the family.


Custom adventures
National and international locations
Individual or group sessions

Dependant upon personal goals

The Experience

Off-The-Grid Adventures are all about the idea that anything and anywhere can be a classroom for learning, growth, teambuilding, and personal reflection. In the past it's been an executive retreat while heli-skiing in Greenland; it's been a special father-son ocean kayaking adventure on the western coast of Vancouver Island; it's been crossing the Sea of Cortez to explore a religious calling; it's been mountain biking in Utah and camping under the stars for personal reflection; it's been marriage enrichment while fly fishing the Madison River in Montana… You get the idea. We want to create the adventure that helps you come alive. Together, we will design the ultimate experience specifically designed with your unique goals in mind.


George Hinman, Senior Pastor, University Presbyterian Church

For me a Savidge Adventure was a base camp experience. Dick Savidge is a guy with a passion for life, but he also has an amazing ability to unleash life in other people. My time with Dick refreshed me, renewed me, and resupplied me for the adventures ahead. But more than that, Dick helped me to see the core resources of my own life and leadership that represent the personal base camp out of which I can operate in the future if I want to max out my capabilities.

Steve Murray, Pastor, La Jolla Community Church

Dick Savidge was very effective in helping our staff work through an executive assessment process. Over the years I have watched him work with groups of professionals and I have marveled at how gifted he is in drawing them into a greater awareness of themselves, their relationships, and the world around them. He is good one-on-one and with groups.

Frank Baldwin, Senior Vice President, UBS Financial

What impressed me the most is that Dick had done enough work prior to my arrival to map out an appropriate starting point, but from that point on the discussions were dynamic with each one building on the former. These ultimately led me to a better understanding of myself, my strengths and weaknesses, motivations, impediments to my specific goals, and finishing with a specific strategy. From this process a personal mission statement is composed and Dick reaches out routinely to follow that up with me.

Shawn Parr, CEO, Bulldog Drummond

Please read Shawn's blog post.